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The degree of our enlightenment is the degree of passion that we will have for the whole world." ~The Greystone Mandala

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In “Conversations with God”, by Neale Donald Walsch, there is a warning I think of. I refer to it as the Atlantis passage, and I've quoted it a few times before." As I have said, this isn't the first time your civilization has been at this brink,"

God tells Walsch. "I want to repeat this, because it is vital that you hear this. Once before on your planet, the technology you developed was far greater than your ability to use it responsibly. You are approaching the same point in human history again. It is vitally important that you understand this. Your present technology is threatening to outstrip your ability to use it wisely. Your society is on the verge of becoming a product of your technology rather than your technology being a product of your society. When a society becomes a product of its own technology, it destroys itself."

Friday, January 28, 2011

"The Past ... The Future" - 1989 by M. W. McCloskey

"My soul-rock, worn smooth through years of acquiescence, was bound by the muddy stream's edge ..... engulfed by listless foam.  The rock's edges were blunted by the swirling ferocity of parent-waters around its periphery.  In another season ... further eroded by the stagnant indifference of those same waters.

Nevertheless ... a very tiny fierce energy remained a champion of its strong and steadfast core ... always open, gentle, available.  The lament was the dulling of the brilliant, jagged edges of Self;  the radiance of the sun on its wet angles had diminished.

The rock must not change, for that core is its power ... its essence.  The urgency is for the tide to swell ...for it to erode the mudbank.

The rock ... then freed from its sluggish captivity will then be transformed in fresh life-waters."

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

"Wickyleaks or Weaky Licks? The Choice is Ours!

Notes Banner

Notes From the Trail
January 25, 2011
Wikileaks or Weaky Licks? The Choice Is Ours
By Steve Bhaerman 

"There is only one major news network telling the truth about what they are broadcasting - CBS. However, for those of us who are tired of seeing B.S., the choices seem more and more limited."
-- Beyondananda 

Last year, I highly recommended a powerful documentary, The Most Dangerous Man in America, about Daniel Ellsberg and the leaking of the Pentagon Papers. Nearly 40 years ago, Ellsberg - a one-time Marine and military analyst - took the bold step of leaking documents that told the truth about the Vietnam War. It is heartening to watch that documentary, as we see the risks Ellsberg took, and the way the press actually covered the story - and covered Ellsberg's behind. Consequently, Daniel Ellsberg went free and truth, transparency, integrity and justice won a victory. Fast forward four decades, and we see the forces of endarkened self-interest have learned their lessons well, far better than those who inherited the peace and justice movement from Ellsberg and company. No more body bag photos to turn Americans against war. No more independent reportage, as correspondents are in-bedded with the military (and no, we will not respect them in the morning). Since Iran-Contra, America has a history of exonerating our war criminals, and persecuting whistle-blowers. Meanwhile, the once-honorable profession of journalism has been toxified by the likes of Rupert Murdoch as what used to be news is now little more than weapons of mass-distraction - a brainwashing machine stuck on spin. Edward R. Murrow must be flipping in his crypt. Not surprisingly, the mainstream press has been nearly-unanimous in its lack of support for Wikileaks, thus earning them the nickname "Weaky Licks." 'Nuff said. There is only one thing that can possibly work now, and that is an independent, across-the-political-spectrum alliance of political, spiritual, business, entertainment, education and other leaders who stand up for Wikileaks at a time when prosecution of Julian Assange is almost assured. The United States of America is now at a Martin Niemoller moment. Niemoller was the German clergyman who at first supported, then opposed Adolf Hitler and is known for the quote: First they came for the communists,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a communist.
 Then they came for the trade unionists ,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a trade unionist.
 Then they came for the Jews,
and I didn't speak out because I wasn't a Jew.
 Then they came for me
and there was no one left to speak out for me.

Nazi Germany had its karma, and this is not Nazi Germany. But it is "Not-See America," where too many Americans are afraid to look down the rabbit hole, even as they suspect our government of nefarious doings. So, what can be done? Well, here is a simple first step. Sign this petition as I have, and pass it along to your list.
It's not perfect, particularly because it is primarily left of center, and is not represented - as yet - by the growing number of right wing libertarians who recognize the creeping fascism of the corporate state. And that brings us to something else that can be done.
Sometime after February 1st - soon after, we hope - Joseph McCormick and I will be releasing our e-book, 
Reuniting America: A Toolkit for Changing the Political Game. I've been immersed in political science for more than forty years, and I can say that Reuniting America might be the most significant practical political book of our time. (I'm not bragging on myself, because this book is written in Joseph's voice and based on the wisdom he has gleaned from looking at our political landscape "from both sides now." I feel that my most important function in this project has been to recognize the spiritual and political wisdom in his ideas and tell everyone I know.) We are hoping this book will be a political game-changer, as it offers both a pathway for political "up-wising" and practical guidelines and principles for convening local conversations and councils where all sides (not to mention all angles) are included. Don't think it's possible? You will after reading this book! It's not on sale yet, but you can contribute to the cause, and watch this space for further developments. If there's one thing the nascent transpartisan upwising has demonstrated, more and more of us are awakening. In communicating with one another to confirm our suspicions, we build the courage to speak, and the courage to stand together. While our parents and grandparents who survived the Great Depression and stood up to Nazism 60 or 70 years ago have been celebrated as "the greatest generation," our challenge may be greater.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Young Children Believing In Reincarnation More and More - ABC News

From the ages of 2 to 6, James Leininger seemed to recall in striking detail a "past life" he had as a World War II Navy pilot who was shot down and killed over the Pacific. 
The boy knew details about airplanes and about pilot James Huston Jr. that he couldn't have known. James' parents say he also had terrible nightmares about a plane crashing and a "little man" unable to get out. 
James, now 8, stills loves airplanes, but he is free of those haunting images of the pilot's death. "He's doing great. He's your typical 8-year-old boy ready to start third grade," said James' mother, Andrea 
Jim Tucker, a child psychiatrist and medical director of the Child and Family Psychiatric Clinic at the University of Virginia, is one of the few researchers to extensively study the phenomenon of children who 
seem to have memories of past lives. He says James' case is very much like others he has 
"At the University of Virginia, we've studied over 2,500 cases of children who seem to talk about previous lives when they're little," Tucker said. 
"They start at 2 or 3, and by the time they're 6 or 7 they forget all about it and go on to live the rest of their lives." 
Do You Believe? 

Tucker -- the author of "Life Before Life: A Scientific Investigation of Children's Memories of Previous Lives" -- has seen cases like James' where children make statements that can be verified and seem to match with a particular person. 
"It means that this is a phenomenon that really needs to be explored," Tucker said. "James is one of many, many kids who have said things like this." 
While about 75% of Americans say they believe in paranormal activity, 50 percent believe in reincarnation, according to a 2005 Gallup poll. 
People in other cultures are more likely than Americans to believe in past lives. Tucker said he was a skeptic about reincarnation, but he identified some patterns in his research. 
"Children are describing very recent lives and very ordinary lives usually in the same country," he said. 
Seventy percent of the deaths described by children were unnatural or under unusual circumstances, he said. 
James' parents say they were once skeptics about past lives and reincarnation. After James' experience, they are now believers. 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stroke of Insight: Jill Bolte Taylor

Inspiring video of neuroanatomist Jill Bolte Taylor's near-death experience 

Stroke of Insight: Jill Bolte Taylor

Monday, January 17, 2011


The most common form of withholding is what we commonly call "the silent treatment," but withholding encompasses any unwillingness to express your true feelings. It is the dominant form of emotional abuse, and of passive-aggression. It includes an unwillingness to give support, praise, or positive attention to the people you love. It is not much less damaging when you use withholding on friends, co-workers, etc., for it also signals an inability to have appropriate human intimacy...the flaw of the withholder.  

We have all known someone, or may currently be experiencing someone's pattern of emotionally draining and hurtful behaviors. Many of you may have suddenly found yourselves at the other end of a chilly silence with no explanation. 

No one deserves to be subjected to withholding. Feeling ignored, disrespected, or shut out, and to not know why, is a terrible feeling. The first thing to remember if this is happening to you is that you are not to blame. You are caught in someone else's pain pattern. This person does not know how to express feelings in a healthy way probably because this is what they learned when she or he was a child. The second helpful thing to remember is that the withholder is acting out of pain. They are stuck in a habitual mode of response that is self-defeating and alienating to the people they love. Remembering this will help you feel compassion for the person hurting you. However, if you have suffered too long with this pattern, you may need to get some space. Take some time to look at your own patterns and understand why you have taken part in this drama. If you are dealing with people in a family situation, you can step up to the plate to help break the chain of this behavior pattern. 

At the same time, many of us will recognize our own tendency to withhold our emotions rather than express them. At times though, when one is in the process of attempting to mend these same relationships, they are in need of silence... but a constructive bout of silence is the key to distinguishing whether one is going to be helpful, or hurtful. 

Sometimes, people distance themselves and during this time force blame, rationalize their side of the disagreement and seek refuge and validation from those around them about the matter in question. Sometimes however, you may see that this is not the case at all. Perhaps, someone has taken themselves out of the equation to figure out where they went wrong, how they hurt those they love the most, and most importantly... how to begin to mend the broken bonds that were left in their narcissistic, self-absorbed mad dance. Often times, this continual pattern lands us at a spot of looking back at a path of emotional debris we trailed along the hurricane we call our life. It is devastating and miraculous in the same breath when we see this. 

Upon this realization, and if we are the "withholder", there is often a pronounced experience of almost clairvoyance insight from a never before seen perspective of neutrality. This position often has us looking at ourself as we truly are, and not who we have attempted to be for as long as we can remember. We often will experience this because we are tired of lying to ourselves, we have run into the truth about ourselves and wish to carry forward to rebuild the bonds which have subsequently deteriorated as a result of this pattern. 

Most of us have seen both sides of the withholding dilemna. Emotional pain is at the root of our tendency to withhold, and withholding causes pain to the people subjected to it. For the withholder, it is a means of pseudo-power and control (or so they believe). It is a dysfunctional pattern that creates a breakdown in communication and understanding. 

If, on the other hand, it is you that tends to withhold, understand that this is a learned response and it can be unlearned. Find safe places to begin to express all that you've been holding back. Begin to make an effort to say what you're feeling and thinking. Give praise to someone who deserves it. The more you do this, the healthier you and your relationships will become. What was learned over a course of a life cannot be changed overnight-remember, one day at a time. 

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Emptied Souls

Several years ago, as a clinician, the only population I had little interest in treating, was that of Antisocial Personality Disorder/Psychopathy, and Sociopathy, and Malignant Narcissism. Why?  The above sentence reveals one reason..."treating". "Treating", and the personal value of the therapist as regards therapy.

Individuals who are assigned that label, at this point in history, cannot really be treated, per se.  The best that can happen is that they are "treated" along a continuum into functionality, i.e., almost a "reverse therapy" which is to evaluate their behaviors, their lack of remorse and conscience,  their ability to "feel" , and the areas and degree to which they can increase functioning in this world.

The continuum  and range is so broad that, for the most part, the only folks that therapists can discuss with, thus learn from....are other therapists who "get" the breadth and depth of these personality disorders. For example, the terms themselves sound extreme enough that the lay person thinks one is being over-reactive when they use one of those terms, so minimize the entire conversation or diagnosis. When asked how they might "picture" the diagnoses, they inevitably jump right to the worst-case scenario.

"I, Psychopath" is a 60/80 min international documentary about psychopathy co-produced by Magic|Real Picture Company and Liberty Productions (aka Fibro Majestic Films) for CBC NewsworldCanada, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and Arte Germany. 

The film follows narcissist and suspected psychopath Sam Vaknin, well known author of the book, Malignant Self Love – Narcissism Revisited, on his journey into diagnosis. Vaknin, a high achieving financial analyst and businessman has been an advisor to governments and large corporations. He has achieved more than most people do in life having won and lost prestige, fortune, friends and love, not once, but numerous times. 

In 1995 Vaknin’s world came crashing down around him when he was tried and sentenced to jail for his involvement in the attempted takeover of the Israeli Agricultural Bank. Now, aged 46, the analyst in Vaknin sees that the statistics stack up against him and realises that his behaviour is at the core of all his problems. 

Vaknin’s journey into diagnosis takes us to the leaders in the field of psychopathy and explores the complexity of this personality disorder which covers a broad spectrum of behaviour that takes in the emotional, the corporate and the criminal, yet is little understood outside the classic image of the psychopath as serial killer. 

As Vaknin visits psychopathy experts around the world he will undergo a battery of tests to see whether he fits the criteria and traits of a psychopath. For example, he'll complete the Psychopathy Checklist and the Psychopathic Personality Inventory. He’ll undergo functional magnetic resonance imaging as part of a fear conditioning study and have his full brain scan evaluated for structural abnormalities which have been implicated in anti-social behaviour. 

Along the way we meet with academics and scientists to discuss current areas of research such as The Moral Brain, the successful vs the unsuccessful psychopath, neuroethics and the law, the efficacy of testing and of treatment and gain a clearer understanding of the effects of psychopathy on the psychopath and on the people they come in contact with. Vaknin will have the opportunity to debate with and challenge the scientists and their assumptions. 

We also meet Vaknin’s wife, Lidija Rangelovska, who is contemplating having a child, how does Vaknin’s narcissism and suspected psychopathy impact on her decision whether to have a family, how will it affect their child ? 

If Vaknin rates a score on the Psychopathy Checklist, he will need to decide whether to accept the label “psychopath” and what that might mean for his future and for the rest of us. 

"I, Psychopath" is a journey around the world, but it's also a journey deep into the mind.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

My Gratitude to You!

I had never looked at, or been interested in the "stats" part of this site.  However, last month, I became aware of that link and was astounded at the number of viewers who have "signed" on!  Other than a growing participation here in the United States, I have had many views from Russia, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, France, Slovenia, Israel, and Japan.  In addition, it was most interesting to note the entries which continued to draw viewers....many from almost a year ago!  At the same time, I do not draw any conclusions about those without your input. 

This was all very exciting to me, and raised a bit of anxiety about responsibility in me.  Then, I realized that the site will largely continue in the way that it does.

However, if any of you have any insights or topics upon which you wish entries, please feel free to notify me! In the meanwhile, I am so happy that we from all ends of the earth join together.  That is truly the best part!

"there were no words, but images flooded every cell in her being ...

"there were no words, but images flooded every cell in her being ...