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The degree of our enlightenment is the degree of passion that we will have for the whole world." ~The Greystone Mandala

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Dylan Thomas


In “Conversations with God”, by Neale Donald Walsch, there is a warning I think of. I refer to it as the Atlantis passage, and I've quoted it a few times before." As I have said, this isn't the first time your civilization has been at this brink,"

God tells Walsch. "I want to repeat this, because it is vital that you hear this. Once before on your planet, the technology you developed was far greater than your ability to use it responsibly. You are approaching the same point in human history again. It is vitally important that you understand this. Your present technology is threatening to outstrip your ability to use it wisely. Your society is on the verge of becoming a product of your technology rather than your technology being a product of your society. When a society becomes a product of its own technology, it destroys itself."

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Humanity Has Reached the Point Where it Can and is Listening to the Voice of God

John Smallman, February 26, 2011

Your spiritual evolution is accelerating, as it must, and the divine energies surrounding and enveloping you are intensifying as you continue asking for help from your guides, angels, and from God Himself. What you are doing is of great importance, it is totally in alignment with the divine Will, and consequently you cannot fail to achieve your aim, which is to evolve or, more correctly, to return whence you came, to eternal union with God.
The illusion has dragged you into a state of great suffering that was only possible because you were given free will, which allowed you to reject your eternal loving relationship with God in which you were created, and build an environment where you pretended that you were separated from Him. That, of course, is impossible because all that exists does so within God. Nevertheless, using the gifts that He had bestowed upon you, you went ahead and imagined an environment without His loving Presence, and chose to experiment with a very large number of rather strange ideas that can only truly be described as quite insane.
The results of these experiments are all around you, wherever you look, and they are not a pretty sight. Initially your intentions were not unkind, just thoughtless. You could have used your reason and intelligence to calculate where your experiments would lead you, but it seemed that there was so much fun in not knowing that you rushed ahead and became addicted to the sense of excitement that your lack of foreknowledge provoked.
By the time the pain and suffering had become endemic it seemed that there was no way back, and that you had permanently and gravely offended your Father by your ill-conceived and basically thoughtless behavior. It seemed to you that you had destroyed His divine creation of beauty and perfection and were, therefore, beyond forgiveness. You had forgotten that the environment in which it appeared that you had your existence was but an imaginary one that you had built to play in and hide from Him. Your imaginations had convinced you that what you were experiencing was absolutely real, and you began to blame one another for your suffering, and that led only to further suffering. To cease experiencing suffering you have to cease imposing it on others.
You have the power and the divine grace to recognize that what you are experiencing as reality, and have been experiencing that way for eons, is, in truth, an illusion that you continue to support and maintain as long as you continue to attack and blame one another. Judgment must cease because it destroys every effort you make to establish peace. For eons every societal system that has been overthrown has only been replaced by a similar one containing all the same faults and problems the revolutionaries claimed that they would put right, as your world history clearly shows. There have always been wise ones among you offering sane guidance, but in the excitement and increased insanity of revolution you refused to listen.
Finally humanity has reached the point where it can and is listening to the Voice of God, which has always been available and expressed through the wise and gentle ones amongst you. Now you can start to recognize that this painful realm of confusion, fear, and anxiety is but a hideous nightmare from which you can awaken by laying down judgment, blame, and punishment, and replacing those destructive attitudes with gentleness, understanding, forgiveness, and cooperation. You are seeing this happening all over the world, as people support each other peacefully to disempower regimes that have controlled them instead of honoring them as God’s beloved children.
You are all divinely loved. You have never left the Presence of God. You will awaken from the seemingly endless nightmare of ferocious disagreement, judgment, and war. Then your joy will be complete because in Reality, God’s divine Presence, there is nothing else.

Friday, February 25, 2011

"How Do You Fight in Your Marriage?"

Huffington Post  Amy Lee  First Posted: 02/24/11 11:53 AM Updated: 02/24/11 01:35 PM
Want to save your marriage? Pay attention to how you fight.
According to a new study, the style that couples use to fight can predict how likely divorce is for those couples.
The researchers who headed up a recent University of Michigan study found that three styles of fighting characterized conflict--destructive, constructive, and withdrawal. Though destructive fighting (yelling and screaming) most often led to divorce, researchers also found that couples where one partner fought constructively (that is, tried to solve the problem calmly) and the other partner withdrew emotionally, or left the fight, also faced potential problems in their relationship.
This was the longest and largest research study to date that concentrated on marital conflict--it spanned 16 years and studied 373 couples. Though 46 percent of couples had divorced by the final year of the study, those that remained together were likelier to be engaged in conflicts in which both partners used constructive behaviors. Kira Birditt, one of the study's co-authors, helped us make sense of this data:
You had two goals with this study. Can you outline what those were?
We were interested in whether the conflict styles couples use in the first year predict if they stay married, and if couples stay consistent in their conflict strategies over time.
You refer to three styles of fighting, or "conflict patterns"--"destructive," "constructive," and "withdrawal." Can you describe them?
Destructive strategies are like yelling and screaming, constructive are calmly discussing the situation, trying to find solutions, and we looked at two avoidant strategies -- one was keeping quiet, the other was leaving the situation.
How did you measure this? Did you put couples in a room and wait until they fought? Or bring up something they typically tend to fight about and watch them go at it?
They were asked to report a recent conflict and then to describe the conflict. They had a questionnaire asking how often they used a series of strategies.
What were your major findings? Which were the most surprising?
Strategies couples uses in the first year do predict how long they stayed married. Destructive patterns are bad for your marriage. We saw interactions between strategies. We thought constructive must be good for marriage, but we found that constructive strategies mixed with another spouse leaving the room, were actually more likely to lead to divorce. It's important both partners use constructive patterns. People do change over time, but the changes were more visible in women.
Why might a constructive fighting style mixed with a withdrawal style be bad for a marriage?
It might just mean that your spouse is showing a lack of commitment to the relationship--one spouse wants to fix things and the other one is leaving.
You found that overall, men used less destructive fighting methods and more constructive methods than women. This seems counter-intuitive, since we typically think of women as being better communicators than men. Did this finding surprise you?
It's not surprising in the marital literature -- women tend to use more destructive styles in other studies too. I think of women having less power and being less aggressive but that's not the case here.
You also found that, over time, women's use of destructive methods of fighting, such as withdrawal, lessened while the men's use of destructive behavior remained the same. Why do you think that is?
Women are less satisfied with the relationship and tend to have more complaints as they do more around the house or have more they would like to change, whereas men would like to keep the status quo -- so if they have a really traditional relationship, women might have more to complain about in the beginning of the marriage and it's solved over time. Also, destructive couples are more likely to divorce.
Black couples reported more withdrawal than white couples. Why do you think this is?
We're not sure -- one idea is that black couples are more likely to divorce and are more worried about conflict, but I really don't know.
You found that the majority of fighting styles had similar effects on divorce for blacks and whites. Were you surprised by this?
I thought we'd find some different things because black and white marriages were so different in all these other ways, in terms of socio-economics -- I thought it'd translate to larger differences in emotional things, but it didn't.
You found that individual behaviors and patterns of behaviors between partners in the first year of marriage predicted higher divorce rates 16 years later. That's a pretty scary finding, but does it also that mean couples can possibly prevent their own divorces down the road if they identify these patterns in the first year of marriage and deal with them?
I would hope so. I would hope that we could use this literature to help people. But who knows? It'd be interesting to study that.
What can couples take away from this study?
I think it's important to try to work together to constructively solve problems. The closer you are, the more problems you have but you have to be really careful about how you deal with it when you have them. You should think before you react and try to say things calmly when you're upset and it's better to talk about problems than to avoid them or to scream or yell.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Anderson Cooper and Jon Stewart

I just had to post this video, for my own delight if no one else's.  Other than respecting each of their journalist crafts, it would seem that each of their life paths would suggest that each is just a really decent person.  

Other than the FACTS in this video (and their presentations) I, as always...enjoy the humor that comes with the show, and with each of these men...who are also feeling men.

Monday, February 21, 2011

"The Progressive's Guide to Raising Hell: How to Win Grassroots Campaigns, Pass Ballot Box Laws, and Get the Change We Voted For-- A Direct Democracy Toolkit"

This review is from: The Progressive's Guide to Raising Hell: How to Win Grassroots Campaigns, Pass Ballot Box Laws, and Get the Change We Voted For-- A Direct Democracy Toolkit (Paperback)
American progressives have in recent decades gotten too shy, or too afraid, to raise hell about injustice and unfairness. They peeked out during the 2008 presidential campaign, then fell silent at the first disappointment. Perhaps they're afraid to be tagged with the dreaded label "liberal." The populist space got filled from other directions, including by Tea Partiers who happily put themselves on the line in public. 

Jamie Court aims to reverse that course by rearming progressives with tools for making change from below, and steeling them to be a whole lot less polite to power. Also a whole lot more demanding, and more nimble on their feet. 

Frederick Douglass, a granddaddy of civil rights and civil action, famously said "Power concedes nothing without a demand." In modern terms, Court tells us, that means constant vigiliance to avoid being co-opted. A "seat at the table"--whether in the corporate boardroom or the government conference room--is power's most effective tool for watering down outsider demands. 

After telling hell-raisers what doesn't work, Court offers a different toolkit for what he calls "political jiujitsu"--being alert and leveraging opponents' mistakes to shame them. then building waves of public pressure for change. His anecdotal examples of the David-and-Goliath stunts by him and colleagues at his small foundation called Consumer Watchdog range from hilarious to hair-raising. 

For instance, don't be embarrassed to carry a pig into the halls of government to make a point. Grab the chance to clobber a corporate opponent for an ad that appears weirdly racist, using shame to undercut the corporation's sponsorship of anti-consumer legislation. 

Court's anecdotes of stunts, tricksterism, successes and failures keep the book rolling, wrapping the practical details of his hell-raising toolkit. Court echoes tough progressives of the past, from Emma Goldman to the late Sen. Paul Wellstone. But his aim is to inspire action, not homage. 

It takes more dedication and resources than most individuals possess to employ Court's toolkit, but he also offers practical advice for small groups on how to amplify their message and band together. "Raising Hell" will make the most dedicated couch-potato progressive sit up and start hoping again--maybe even acting. 

Gene Sharp: 198 Methods of Non-Violent Action

Gene Sharp: 198 Methods of Non-Violent Action

Mad in Madison. It Ain’t No Tea Party

Mad in Madison. It Ain’t No Tea Party

"What Is Dead Peasant Insurance?"....Does your company have a policy like this on you?


How did it get the name “Dead Peasant” insurance?

Winn Dixie Stores bought life insurance policies on approximately 36,000 of its employees, without their knowledge or consent, and named itself as the policies’ beneficiary. The insurance brokerage firm that placed the policies prepared two memos describing the deceased employees as “Dead Peasants.” These memos were part of the court’s record in a lawsuit in which the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit held that Winn-Dixie’s policies were a sham transaction for federal income tax purposes. The memos were later used by reporters such as Ellen Schultz and Theo Francis of the Wall Street Journal and L.M. Sixel of the Houston Chronicle and incorporated into articles about this type of insurance.

How does a person know if he or she is covered by a policy?

It is often difficult for a person to learn whether he or she was covered by a “Dead Peasant” policy. These insurance programs became popular during the mid-1980s and have been an available investment opportunity for large companies since that time. Prior to 2006, however, there was no federal law that required employers to disclose the policies to insured employees. Any disclosure requirements that existed before 2006 were only through state laws, which were ignored in many instances. So, the only way a person could learn about the policies was through the employer’s voluntary disclosure.

Which employers bought policies on the lives of employees?

Because a company’s purchase of insurance policies is not a public record, it is virtually impossible to know every company that invested in policies on employees’ lives. The following companies, however, are believed to have been named as the beneficiary of life insurance policies on …more »

"The Black Hats Must Go" by Steve Beckow

Published in OpEdNews
It’s time to run the Black Hats outta town. It’s time to end the New World Order’s game, close the casino, and lock the doors.
It’s time to lower the boom of justice on the Black Hats in the World Bank, the IMF, the BIS, Congress, the Federal Reserve, the Bilderbergers, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, the corrupt judicial system, the corrupt police system, NORTHCOM, NORAD, CIA, FBI, everyone.
Everyone who turned the world into a reckless gaming house in which the rich got richer and the poor got poorer, everyone who grew more powerful at the expense of the rights and freedoms of others.
Everyone who denied basic medicare to citizens. Everyone who made subprime loans to poor people, collateralized them, raised their rates, and then evicted the owners.
Everyone who took out “Dead Peasant” insurance policies on their employees and made millions from them, sharing none with the relatives of the deceased.
Everyone who engineered 9/11, Oklahoma City, the London bombings, Madrid, and Mumbai to stampede the world.  Everyone who began illegal wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, who took away citizens’ rights, pushed for martial law, and set up FEMA camps to incarcerate “trouble-makers.”
Everyone who designed viruses – AIDS, SARS, avian flu, and now swine flu – some of them racially-specific – and vaccines whose only purpose was to sicken and kill in the name of depopulating the globe. Everyone who seeded the skies with chemtrails causing sickness and death from Morgellon’s disease.
Everyone who kept technologies from us that would have freed us from fossil fuels back in the 1950s. Everyone who murdered inventors who discovered how to make cars run on water. Everyone who created space-based weapons systems to extend their rule into space.
Everyone who kept from us knowledge of the populated world of space. Everyone who created a secret space service that has colonized Mars since at least the 1970s.
Everyone who killed to hide Roswell from us and created secret areas of research where they back-engineered miracles gained from downed space craft and from treaties with the Greys and then kept them from the public.
Everyone who ran torture prisons overseas, at secret underground bases, or at Guantanamo. Everyone who ran institutions like the School of the Americas where gangsters were trained to overthrow democratically-elected regimes. Everyone who created and used Blackwater and Whackenhut to create a private army and prison or who sentenced children to jail as a business.
Every Congressional Representative and every Senator who accepted bribes, favors, sex, trips and any other inducement that led them to sell their vote to the Black Hats.
Everyone who plotted to take over Canada and Mexico out of a so-called “Security and Prosperity Partnership” (ironic misnomer) or start a third world war with Iran, Russia, or China to bring the population down from 6.8 billion to a more manageable 500 million, destined to be slaves.
Everyone who developed HAARP and used it to cause or amplify earthquakes and hurricanes (including Katrina), killing tens of thousands. Or ULF (ultra-low-frequency weapons) and experimented with them, bringing down the I35W Minneapolios bridge.
Everyone who speculated in currency and brought down national economies which they then held hostage to onerous debt payments. Everyone who made loans to third-world countries and then robbed them of their resources when they couldn’t pay.
There is so much more – a media bought and paid for, deep underground military bunkers, Pine Gap, Australia, space base, Area 51, depleted-uranium weapons, printing truckloads of dollars.
This planet, reeling under the black-hole debt of the derivatives megabubble, will no longer tolerate your rule.
We know you, Black Hats. We know the whole range of your activities. We know you inside and out.
We know your business. Three showers a day won’t keep you clean.
The Black Hats, the hangers on, the vultures, the whole gang – it’s time for you to go.

"there were no words, but images flooded every cell in her being ...

"there were no words, but images flooded every cell in her being ...