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The degree of our enlightenment is the degree of passion that we will have for the whole world." ~The Greystone Mandala~ ~

"An Unending Love"

This blog and video is devoted and dedicated to my daughter, my grand daughters, and my grand son. They are hearts of my heart. Our connection through many lives..... is utterly infinite.

By happy fraternity amongst themselves, the embodied beings get the supreme peace. Then all this earth shines like one house. When the men, the embodied beings, treat each other with equal respect and have good brotherly feelings amongst themselves, great peace and harmony abound. Then all this earth shines like one house. The whole world shines like the one dwelling house of the entire human family.

~Ramana Maharshi~



Friday, November 21, 2014

Is Bill Cosby a Serial Rapist? | Psychology Today

"Some of Cosby’s accusers say he positioned himself as a father figure before attacking them, then used his wealth and influence to silence and intimidate them. Is it any wonder they didn’t come forward sooner?"      CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE

Thursday, November 20, 2014

When is it Worth Saying Something Controversial? | Psychology Today

"We all think things we don’t say. And usually that’s wise, but here’s a safe place to consider what might happen if you did.
Here are 11 things that many people think but don’t say. As a thought experiment, ask yourself whether and under what circumstances you might want to let ‘er rip? "  .......     CLICK HERE TO READ MORE...

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

How a Mother's Love Changes a Child's Brain

"Nurturing a child early in life may help him or her develop a larger hippocampus, the brain region important for learning, memory and stress responses, a new study shows......" How a Mother's Love Changes a Child's Brain

Narcissistic Love versus Unconditional Love~Caroline Van Kimmenade

The Dream versus the Reality

When it comes to loving a narcissist, all we can really do is love a dream we have of them. This dream can be so strong (and beautiful) that it becomes something that we come to superimpose on the true narcissist. Every little positive spark of something nice they said or did, enforces the “truth” of that dream. This keeps us at a seemingly safe distance from what is really happening. The dream keeps the painful reality at bay. However, at some point, it’s necessary to see the dream for what it is and recognize that it is impossible to love or be loved by the narcissist.  It’s not anyone’s fault, it’s just that they have made themselves completely unavailable to unconditional love.....CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING THIS ARTICLE

Monday, November 17, 2014

OUR COMBAT TROOPS, AND "COMING HOME"......printed again, because WE DO NOT FORGET!

My life has been frequently touched and very deeply moved by the bravery and sacrifices of our troops. Through each war, I have had dear and precious friends who gave the most unfathomable gift of all ... their life.  

Others ... thankfully, they came home.  Many who returned are fractured by the horrors they have experienced, and struggle to blend back into this life. Many have become piercingly aware of many of this life's superficialities. They still hold their memories of war, and try to make them consistent with all of their other values.  It is profoundly moving to hear the inner paths they traverse to heal themselves. Yet.....the memories remain despite some transformation.  Yeoman work.

Many men believe they are brave. It is not until you hear a narrative, or a testimony,  of the service days of a combat soldier ... that you can even slightly proceed with your personal re-definition and imagination of real courage.

In the end, we  decline trying ... somehow ... some way ... to create the most remote connection with the combat life of an honorable soldier.  It is true that stretching our imagination to a maximum point of shock and horror is sometimes the only road "in".  One can almost get secondary PTSD, in merely hearing these stories. For me, each one is a life-altering experience, and a psychological journey to the deep is a requirement. It is then that the word  "hero" becomes self-defining.

Some men toy with life, centered on greed and destruction.  It is not until you weep just hearing the story of a combat veteran / soldier, that one can flesh out the essential meaning of "sacrifice", "loyalty", "bravery". It is then that you can begin to discern the quintessential and archetypal sense of character, forged through the most personally demanding moments known to man.  

Yes, I still cry, for the living soldiers and certainly for those who have died. But now the tears are celebratory. They keep honor...keep the parts of my heart that will always bear reverence for the gifts of their lives and times.

Finally, it is then, that "bravery", as some others define bravado, macho, etc., is revealed in its insipid reality.  The truth of that word is now self-defining. ~ Madelaine Watson, MSW, CHT

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Finally, someone using critical thinking skills!

This journalist from Canada is a breath of fresh air ... and logic.  Needs no other words!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Communication Tools To Help Kids Talk About Their Feelings | Psychology Today

"Why it's important to raise kids to feel safe to express their feelings.The other morning I promised to take my 3 year old son Ari for a special breakfast treat – waffles and strawberries - before I dropped him off at daycare. Right before we left our home, I received a work related text. “Mommy, mommy, come on, let’s go for our special breakfast waffles,” Ari called over to me, while I tried to speedily answer the text. poster kids count..."CLICK TO CONTINUE READING)

10 Things Parents Should Never Say to Their Toddlers | Alternet

November 8, 2014  |

Progressive ideas are an endangered species, on the run in politics, all but extinct in schools. Watch out for these covertly regressive ideas invading our parenting of very young children. When we are doing one of the most challenging jobs around, we all need something to lean on. But while these phrases might seem like quick, smart, even benign interventions to stop unwanted behaviors, a closer look shows how they miss their goal, and worse, undermine your relationship with your 1-, 2- or 3-year-old child.(CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING)

Empathy Heroes: 5 People Who Changed the World By Taking Compassion to the Extreme | Alternet

..."Ever heard of “empathy marketing”? It’s the latest business buzzword. The idea is that if companies can look through their clients’ eyes and understand their desires, they will be better able to tailor their offerings and gain a competitive advantage...." CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

Saturday, November 8, 2014

Paul Krugman Divulges the Real Reason Why the 'Wrong About Everything' Party Won | Alternet

Paul Krugman Divulges the Real Reason Why the 'Wrong About Everything' Party Won | Alternet

The Tapping Solution - YouTube

The Tapping Solution - YouTube

Gut microbe levels are linked to type 2 diabetes and obesity -- ScienceDaily

Gut microbe levels are linked to type 2 diabetes and obesity -- ScienceDaily

Body weight heavily influenced by gut microbes: Genes shape body weight by affecting gut microbes -- ScienceDaily

Body weight heavily influenced by gut microbes: Genes shape body weight by affecting gut microbes -- ScienceDaily

"My Father, the Narcissist" ~ Alexander Burgemeester

My Father the Narcissist: A Narcissistic Father is a Tyrant and a Bully

Narcissistic fathers often emotionally damage their children. They disregard boundaries, manipulate their children by withholding affection (until the children “perform”), and neglect to meet the needs of their children because they are interested only in meeting their own needs. Their image and perfection is essential to narcissists; they often demand perfection from their children. The children thus feel intense pressure to be perfect and try to ramp up their talents, looks, intellect or personality to please their father. It has a high personal cost to them if they succeed in fulfilling their father’s wishes – and it can cost them just as much if they fail. It’s a no-win situation.
There is profound unhappiness among the members of a family ruled by a tyrannical narcissistic father. In many of these families, the mother simply echoes the father as she feels uncertain of herself (due to his emotional abuse) and is afraid to take her husband on. Often this destructive pattern is the result of the mother’s own childhood. Not aware of the dynamics of narcissism, she went from a cruel, tyrannical father to a brutal, domineering husband. Repetition of psychological patterns, such as is seen with abuse and narcissism, is common. The mother chooses a spouse similar to her abusive parent and raises a family in an abusive environment like the one she was raised in.

How a narcissistic father affects his children

 Daughters of narcissistic fathers frequently report that they can never feel satiated when it to comes to getting what they need from their fathers. They never got enough time with their father and would have to compete with siblings for that rare time. As a young child, a father might comment on how beautiful his daughter was. But as she grew older, he would rarely miss an opportunity to comment on her weight and attitude. The daughters often carry these concerns into adulthood, even if they were otherwise successful. With a father like this, nothing is ever good enough. Their relationship with men in the future is clouded by feelings of vulnerability and worries that they’ll be dumped for someone else. Anxiously avoiding commitment or taking on the narcissistic role are both natural ways for the daughters to keep relationships “safe”.  It’s self protective but doesn’t lead to healthy relationships.
• Sons of narcissistic fathers describe feeling that they can never measure up. Their fathers were so competitive they even compete with their sons. They either compete or pay no attention to their sons. The sons often simply accept defeat – how can they possibly win against a grown man? Sometimes they take another tact and work hard to beat their father at his own game- just to get his attention and some semblance of fatherly pride. Yet they never feel good enough even when they do succeed; they still feel empty and second rate.
Both girls and boys need to be loved by their fathers in order to feel validated as individuals. Narcissists are incapable of loving anyone other than themselves. Some of their children become narcissists themselves. That way they get their father’s attention (imitation is the highest form of flattery) and they learn from an expert how to manipulate and use people.
Having a tyrannical father is a nightmare for every member of the family except the “chosen child” (or children) whom he picks to reflect his perfect image. The chosen child is groomed to become his little clone. They have been chosen for their looks, intellect, special talents, or some other characteristic that the narcissistic father regards as valuable to him. Other children in the family are bypassed because they have not measured up to his expectations. They can be very bright, kind, considerate, or sensitive–none of this matters to the narcissistic father. He doesn’t care about the quality of his other children’s character or personality. These children suffer; they spend their whole childhoods doing their best, trying to get their father’s love and attention yet they always come up empty-handed. There is also usually the “scapegoat” child. Narcissistic fathers are often mean and cruel to these children and let them know- on a regular basis- that they are deficient, unmotivated, always wrong and too soft. They are worthless to him and are blamed for everything that goes wrong.

Characteristics of a Narcissistic Father

(From Children of the Self Absorbed: A Grownup’s Guide to Getting over Narcissistic Parents by Nina Brown)
  • Turns every conversation to himself
  • Expects you to meet his emotional needs
  • Ignores the impact of his negative comments on you
  • Constantly criticizes or berates you and knows what is best for you
  • Focus on blaming rather than taking responsibility for his own behavior
  • Expects you to jump at his every need
  • Is overly involved with his own hobbies, interests or addictions ignoring your needs
  • Has high need for attention
  • Brags, sulks, complains, inappropriately teases, is flamboyant, loud and boisterous
  • Is closed minded about own mistakes. Can’t handle criticism and gets angry to shut it off
  • Becomes angry when his needs are not met and tantrums or intimidates
  • Has an attitude of “Anything you can do, I can do better”
  • Engages in one-upmanship to seem important
  • Acts in a seductive manner or is overly charming
  • Is vain and fishes for compliments. Expects you to admire him
  • Isn’t satisfied unless he has the “biggest” or “best”
  • Seeks status. Spends money only to impress others
  • Forgets what you have done for him in the past but keeps reminding you that you owe him today
  • Neglects the family to impress others. Does it all: Is a super person to gain admiration
  • Threatens to abandon you if you don’t go along with what he wants
  • Does not obey the law-sees himself above the law
  • Does not expect to be penalized for failure to follow directions or conform to guidelines
  • Ignores your feelings and calls you overly sensitive or touchy if you express feelings
  • Tells you how you should feel or not feel
  • Cannot listen to you and cannot allow your opinions
  • Is more interested in his own concerns and interests than yours
  • Is unable to see things from any point of view other than his own
  • Wants to control what you do and say-tries to micromanage you
  • Attempts to make you feel stupid, helpless and inept when you do things on your own
  • Has poor insight and cannot see the impact his selfish behavior has on you
  • Has shallow emotions and interests
  • Exploits others with lies and manipulations.
  • Uses emotional blackmail to get what he wants
  • May engage in physical or sexual abuse of children
The tyrannical narcissistic father is a bully- a cruel, lying, arrogant person. He is a tyrant that is totally entrenched in his grandiose world and insistent that everyone follow his commands. He is emotionally abusive and can cause significant emotional damage to all family members. Unfortunately, his behaviors cause the relationships within a family to be toxic and can cause lifelong wounds.